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The best Boston Whalers restoration companies renovating wood-hulled classics into modern art

Mar 30, 2023 | Boating

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler restoration is as much an art form as a skill, and the best to do it use their hands to mold, shape, sand, and retrofit the historic models into pieces of luxurious recreation. They take a hardy piece of nostalgic craftsmanship enveloped in the mythos of the sea, and they give it renewed life.

The criteria for the best is based upon a restoration company’s commitment to the original design, the quality of their modifications, aesthetic, knowledge of their craft, and of course – a love for Boston Whalers.

Cherry Whalers

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Cherry Whalers restoration

Photo credit: Cherry Whalers

Cherry Whalers is a prominent example of a form of renovation that originated with car enthusiasts – a hybrid blend of the old and the new called “resto-mods”. This process involves meticulous restoration of the classic aesthetic, but upgrading power and electronic navigation with modern components.

Cherry Whalers exists in an elite class of restoration companies with a flair for resto-mod upgrades. 

A Cherry Whaler renovated vessel comes with an overhaul package exclusive to Cherry Whalers: an extended-range fuel tank, luxury Flexiteek decking, and re-routing and concealment of wires and hardware components to maintain the minimalist concept. They offer custom options for the boat’s powertrain, paintwork, and electrical systems. 

Their woodwork craftsmanship of the classic mahogany is especially eye-catching – they are experts at capturing the aesthetic that makes Boston Whalers both rustic archaic and crisply modern.


Nashville, Tennessee

A 1978 15’ Striper restored and sold by FassēCo. (Photo credit: FassēCo)

A 1978 15’ Striper restored and sold by FassēCo. (Photo credit: FassēCo)

Like Cherry Whalers, FassēCo specializes in the art of resto-mods and was profiled for its passionate dedication to Boston Whalers restoration. The husband-and-wife team of Read and Julie Fasse grew into the business through their love of Whalers, and it shows in their dedication to hand-picking each boat hull that they renovate. 

FassēCo’s process is like an archivist handling a 400-year-old document. They verify the boat’s structural integrity and strip out all the old rigging and hardware. They move on to solvent-washing, sanding, and re-glassing. After this labor, they give the Whaler its rebirth and upgrade the propulsion and electrical systems, install new fuel lines, tank, and wiring, and implement the solid hardwood that gives the interiors their rustic allure.  

FassēCo implements a standard of power across its restorations – they “power match” the specific hull to Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motors and pair it with a PowerTech! stainless steel propeller. The best Boston Whaler restoration companies publicly share their knowledge and passion and FassēCo is no different: Read Fasse publishes an in-depth Youtube series that profiles the nuances of their Whaler restorations.

Boston Whaler Renovations

Orland, Maine

The sleek mahogany of an 11’ Whaler restored by Boston Whaler Restorations

The sleek mahogany of an 11’ Whaler restored by Boston Whaler Restorations.
Photo credit: Boston Whaler Renovations

“Where Whalers are reborn” is the tagline for the Boston Whaler Renovations company. If you’re gonna master a niche industry, be straightforward, right? 

Boston Whaler Renovations also completes restoration work on Mako, Grady-White, and Aquasport models. Like any of the best Whaler restoration outfits, Boston Whaler Renovations walks the client explicitly through their restoration process – they know what the boat means to the owner. 

Strip it down to the skeleton hull, then primer, sand, and apply Awlgrip marine paint. Then they build it back up with a complete upgrade: new varnish, paint, fuel tank, electrical, power, controls, and seating. And of course, the glossed gleam of newly installed mahogany. 

Boston Whalers Renovations restores any Whaler model but often gravitates towards the older classics: one of their projects for 2022-23 is a 13’ Whaler from 1958.

Metan Marine Restoration

Wilmington, North Carolina

A “jade mist” Awlgrip coat applied by the artists at Metan Marine.<br />
Photo credit: Metan Marine Restoration

A “jade mist” Awlgrip coat applied by the artists at Metan Marine.
Photo credit: Metan Marine Restoration

Metan Marine Restoration is a company explicit in transparency with an entire Youtube series dedicated to their restorations, and are well-reputed for 25 years as one of the best in the industry. 

They also might carry the best fiberglass repair team in the country. 

Metan Marine is home to a team of craftsmen that have devoted decades to mastering the various arts of restoration. Their shop leader is a 40-year craftsman and expert in metal and fiberglass fabrication. They have a team member that explicitly specializes in gelcoat application and color matching. Another is a 45-year veteran in carpentry. 

Some of Metan’s recently highlighted restorations include a 1968 Sakonnet 16.7’ Whaler and a 1971 13’ Sourpuss.

TDC Marine

A rare 1971 Sourpuss restored by TDC Marine

A rare 1971 Sourpuss restored by TDC Marine.
Photo credit: TDC Marine

“All-original classic Boston Whalers” is TDC Marine’s straightforward tagline letting customers know that they are in the business of making your Whaler look and feel like it just exited the original Braintree, Massachusetts production facility.

While companies like FassēCo and Cherry Whalers offer a more dramatic rebuild interpretation with their custom resto-mods, TDC Marine dedicates their business to restorations that capture the exactly replicated authenticity of the original model. 

This is the Whaler restoration company for the Whaler purist.

TDC Marine makes it a priority to source original parts when available, and you can tell they love their Whalers just by looking at current projects: each TDC Whaler renovation has a backstory, like the 13’ 1970 Sport that they found in a barn in Ithaca, New York.

The best Boston Whaler restoration companies treat each rebuild like a rugged piece of art

Maybe it’s triggered by memories from youth, or the gleaming mahogany of a boat adored for its simplistic and stalwart companionship. Whatever the source of their passion, those who tear down and build back up these classic “unsinkable” creatures honor a common theme:

Each renovated hull has a story, and each of these stories has earned another chance to live on as seaworthy pieces of art.

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  1. G e n n a r o

    I’m familiar with that company Charlie wellers and they are probably the best boat. Restorers that i’ve ever seen in my lilet’s take a bow that looks like a hooker junk and turn this into a A priceless beauty it’s amazing what they can do and why and like it says in the articles I’ve just read about a boat getting a second chance. Washington or restoration through cherry willers was probably the only thing that I’ve ever seen more about actually gets equity. They always say a boat to hold on the water that never ends well that’s not so with a restored cherry Wheeler boat. The boat quadrupled in value and maintained. I want you redoubt it stays that way. It’s amazing it’s better than when they originally made about. Just thought I put my comments in there for the fantastic work That randy and his employees do I take my hat off And give him a round of applause for a fantastic work. Amazing he can bring a happiness to a home people who love Boston wheelers. He can definitely do that good luck randy keep it going


      Thanks for sharing your experience with Cherry Whalers, Gennaro!

  2. G e n n a r o

    I try to search out the best places to have stuff done and to try and know the right people in the end. Randy and Charlie Williams were stepping one of them never seen anything like. What are you guys talking about amazing as I said that As I said they end up having equity in a boat which is just amazing to me.


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