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Has your Marina Group PR Newsroom Gone Extinct? Bring It Back From the Fossils

Jun 28, 2024 | Marina Growth

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The Cretaceous volcanoes smoke in the distance. A lonely stegosaurus waddles through a dust pit. Your website – bereft of any publicly published news in months – covers over with dust and hardens into a digital fossil.

Alright, it’s not that dramatic. But if you are a small- to mid-sized marina ownership group – say, six to 15 marinas – you’re likely diversified enough that it’s difficult to manage a centralized blog, one that can stay topically synchronized for every marina under your umbrella across a range of waterways and regions.

Enter the PR newsroom.

desert in Dune

You do not want your website’s “Newsroom” page to look like the desert in Dune.

Defining a marine industry newsroom

These are common environments, these “newsroom” pages – they exist with an expansive corporate tone, encapsulating all news that exists within the brand’s ecosystem. They are often labeled “Latest News” or simply “News,” but the format is the same: 250- to 400-word press release-style news blurbs in a scrolling page format. Here’s an example of the Association of Marine Industries (AMI) newsroom:

Association of Marine Industries (AMI) newsroom

Maybe you’re thinking, “This is just another name for a blog, right?” Not quite. The difference lies in the scope and the reader’s perception. A newsroom is a publishing center for company-wide news, while a blog is based around highly specific, localized SEO-driven and event-driven content. The reader perceives a blog as home-like and cozy, while a newsroom carries the vibe of an Amtrak commuter train, bringing news into station. The blog is business casual – the newsroom is James Bond in a bowtie at a poker game.

James Bond in a bowtie at a poker game

What we see now with marine industry newsrooms

It’s a field of fossils buried in a Montana hillside. Many of the largest marine industry brands, while maintaining an up-to-date web presence, have neglected their newsroom pages. Frequently, we see newsrooms that have not been updated in two or three years but still exist on the website. This could be a lack of news or a simple lack of a staff writer. Whatever the reason, the brand’s digital presence suffers. 

Here’s how it helps to maintain a consistent newsroom presence.

Your SEO flourishes.

What happens when a marina group publishes news about an acquisition or a marina upgrade? Other marine industry news outlets quote that source and run with the news. The marine industry is not a news cycle that’s impossible to penetrate. If something is going on, anyone from Boating Industry to Marina Dock Age may pick it up. They link to your press release, and your website receives a bounty of valuable backlinks.

Your marina group punctuates its professionalism.

A marina group that wants to project a sense of industry weight and be seen needs to publish a little well-tailored noise. A dedicated newsroom page imprints the vibe that this is a marina group that operates with scope, and they’re intentional about amplifying every movement.

The marina group establishes an atmosphere of active growth.

A website that shows dated news looks like it is representing a stale brand. The business may be ridiculously busy, but the small-town marina owner with 40 slips thinking about selling may wonder if the group has been active when they see news dated from last year. 

An active newsroom page shows drive, activity, and industry immersion. This is a marina group that has their fingers on the pulse, and they are a thrumming productive beehive.

How to carry your own newsroom

You don’t need a $40 million acquisition to call something newsworthy. You may have visited one of your marinas to participate in a 5k fundraising event for a beloved nonprofit. To the marina managers, that’s newsworthy. To possible customers, that’s newsworthy. To everybody else, you’ll draw attention. 

Practically, it means adding a page to your website and having somebody who can update the page with breaking news as needed. If the news is slow, then a predetermined monthly schedule can keep it fresh and consistent. One of your marinas may have renovated its ship store, and another may have a newly Certified Marina Manager accreditation. It all works. 

Don’t let your website fossilize due to an aged newsroom presence. Stay hungry. Let the world know you exist in the land of the living.

As a team that specializes in newsletters and long-form content strategy, we are exploring adding a public relations press release option to our services. We would communicate with your marina management team, publish newsworthy events to your newsroom page, and send the releases to marine industry press. If you could use help in reviving or establishing a newsroom page, email us at .

We’d love to hear from you.

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